Competition for Attention

Well, I am blocked.  Or…at least one story is blocked.  I’m trying to finish the manuscript for The Accidental Witness so that I can pass it off to my beta reader who is ever so patiently waiting for it.  It’s a bit of a departure for me as it involves law enforcement agencies, a money laundering trail, and the Russian mob.  I have a really great contact who is answering my technical and logistical questions regarding all things Bratva (think Cosa Nostra but in Russian); however, I must ask the questions through “a handler”.  The research process has become very James Bond/Godfather-esque….and should prove to be an intriguing interview discussion….should I ever reach the point of getting interviewed by someone when I finally release this story.

I have the first half written and know how it ends, but right now, my brain is just not firing on all four cylinders regarding getting from the middle to the end.  To further complicate my writer’s block on this, NaNoWriMo is coming up.  (That’s National Novel Writing Month for you newbies.)  October is spent planning your NaNo project, then November begins the monstrous insanity of writing 50,000 words in 30 days.  It’s stressful; it’s crazy; it’s frustrating; it’s AWESOME.  I have had the idea for this year’s NaNo project for a number of months now, and my NaNo characters are already trying to talk to me.  And on top of THAT, my NaNo project has somehow morphed into a SERIES, AND I’m co-leader this year for our regional group.  YAY!  So all things NaNo are just filling my mind and imagination… thereby putting The Accidental Witness on the backburner, which is certainly not what I WANT to do.  I WANT to finish it.

I had a friend suggest this weekend that I just set it aside until after NaNo.  I see the point in that… I do.  And truthfully, it may indeed be for the best at this point in time.  That being said, I must confess that I am an extremely stubborn soul, and I want to dig in there and “just do it”.

Perhaps sometime in the next two weeks, the muses will descend again, and inspiration will strike.  I’m still hoping for that.  If not…this WIP shall be put aside until after NaNo.  Fellow writing peeps—how do you guys deal with blocked stories?  Or multiple story ideas competing for imaginative attention?  If you have advice or suggestions, I’ll be over here—the one staring at the computer screen, silently begging words to magically appear.


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2 thoughts on “Competition for Attention

  1. I absolutely HAVE to write in chronological order, but I’ve heard that skipping around sometimes helps with blocks.

    I deal with writer’s block by writing jibberish, erasing it, and hoping that the next few words will just COME. Sometimes it takes a while, but that’s how I generally get through it. If I’m really struggling, I take a break after a few paragraphs. If I’ve made it through an entire page and I’m still struggling for what comes next, I’m done for the day.

    Find what works best for YOU. If you have to force yourself to write this part, then reward yourself constantly, but plunge ahead. If not, retreat and regroup, hoping your writing voices are kind enough to start talking to you again.

    Best of luck!


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