Seeking Solace

Seeking Solace is Adrienne’s debut novel, now live on Kindle!

Sometimes to take a step in the right direction you have to run away.

Sarah Collier’s life has always been scripted for her, according to the expectations of her domineering, socially-connected Connecticut family.  Everything always went as planned…until the unthinkable happened moments before walking down the aisle.  On a whim, she does the first thing that comes to mind—she takes off on her honeymoon, alone.   However, Sarah has never acted on spontaneity, so the impromptu trip may not be what Sarah thinks it will.

The quaint and rustic harbor village of North Berwick on Scotland’s East Lothian coast is typically devoid of tourists in the winter.  So when an auburn-haired stranger who wanders into his pub on a cold, Sunday evening,   Bretton Keith, self-assured and flirtatious pub owner that he is, sees the opportunity for another brief and fun fling to break up the monotony of a village winter.

As Bretton comes to know the sad and beautiful Sarah, he finds it increasingly difficult to uphold his credo of never becoming attached.  Can he forget the mistakes of the past and learn to trust another with his heart? All the while, Sarah is experiencing a new-found freedom to dare think of her life in a different way, to truly consider what it is that she wants and what it is that will make her happy.  Will Sarah be brave enough to risk it on a man who was so hurt by another that he swore off ever falling in love again, or will the demands of her family prove too big an obstacle to overcome?

What readers are saying…

“…I thought this book was a really sweet read. It had some angst, drama, and of course romance. Seeking Solace is Adrienne Dunning’s debut novel. I think this author has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to checking out more from her in the future.”

–Once Upon a Book Blog  (find full review here)

“This story started off breaking my heart. But like all good love stories sometimes you just need a little heartache to find true love. I was worried about how things would work out and I was afraid I would be set up for more heartache. I won’t tell you how it ends but if you love a good romance story this is for you. It’s sweet simple and absolutely worth the one click.  This is a new to the indie world author but you would never know she is new by reading this beautiful story. It’s well written and a fresh new story line.”

–Book Club Gone Wrong

“I was entranced by the characters and their story, by what they had both been through, by the pain that they both carried with them and by the fact that they were doing what they could to start afresh but I adored the pure romance of their situation – may no bones about it – this is an out and out romance and you will be well placed to make yourself comfortable and allow the author to transport you into the wilds of a the Scottish countryside.
This was a beautifully written, superbly evocative and heart-warmingly romantic read – thoroughly recommended.”

–Books Laid Bare   (find full review here)

“I enjoyed getting to know Sarah and Brett… They’re just regular people who’ve had bad experiences and are trying to make the most of it. For the most part, one could say that they were just going through the motions until their chance meeting jump-started their lives. I loved that their romance was sweet and developed naturally. There wasn’t too much angst between them, which was a relief. They did have their moments of miscommunications and the way it was resolved was pretty sweet and unique…  I truly LOVED The Ship’s Inn Tavern. If I were into bars/pubs, this is the kind of place I would frequent as it has a friendly, homey atmosphere and the patrons feel like family…  All in all, for fans of a romance that’s on the sweet side without explicit sex scenes, this is a sure bet.”

–Mama Vicky’s Musings  (find full review here)

The author did a great job building the characters and making their story come to life, loved the dynamic of the story and the friendships that are built.. A must read I didn’t want to put it down and was sad that it ended…. Such a heartwarming book….”  

–A Kiss Down Under Book Blog (find full review here)

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