The Captain’s Folly Series

Readers fell in love with the characters in Seeking Solace, and I found myself writing stories about the three other men in the little pub band that played weekly in The Ship’s Inn Tavern.  The Captain’s Folly members–Bret, who we met in Seeking Solace, and his mates Angus, Malcolm, and William all had lives and loves of their own…and they were demanding to tell those stories!  Who am I to question the muses when they call?

The Captain’s Folly Series is a trilogy of three novellas, each one focusing on a different band member.  We begin with the drummer, Angus.  His story, Snaring Angus, has released on Amazon.  The other two novellas will follow in late 2019.

Angus Donaghue and Kerry Hunter have spent their entire lives in the coastal Scottish village of North Berwick–battling wits and hurling insults. It was just the way of things. Yet, Angus begins to question himself when his mates in The Captain’s Folly suggest a different type of connection to his life-long nemesis. In between her three jobs and caring for her terminally ill mother, Kerry finds herself still trading barbs with the sarcastic drummer every night during her bartending shift at The Ship’s Inn Tavern. But here was the problem –what are you supposed to do when the one person you can’t get off your mind is the one person who gets on your last nerve? What is it they say? All’s fair in love and war? Forget that! It’s all complicated in love and war.

Snaring Angus is book one of The Captain’s Folly Series, a trilogy following three members of the Captain’s Folly, a pub band featured weekly at The Ship’s Inn Tavern in North Berwick, Scotland. Dive into the lively village of North Berwick and the men of the Captain’s Folly by reading the prequel novel, Seeking Solace.

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